• Updated: January 2020

East Africa Customer Care Centre Limited (“EACCC”) is committed to safeguarding the privacy of student information. We have implemented measures to comply with our obligations under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (“the Act”). All staff are bound by the Act and by the EACCC Privacy Management Plan.

Collection of Student Information

As a training institution EACCC collects and holds personal information relating to you and your application, enrollment, academic progression and completion, and the provision of student services to you.

— Records

Your information may be held in paper and electronic files. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect about you is stored securely. We are required by law to retain records for certain periods depending on the type of record. We have appropriate systems and policies in place to protect your information from loss, unauthorized access and misuse.

— Sources

We primarily collect information directly from you. Where you have applied for admission through an agent, that agent may have provided information on your behalf. Audit trails may also be maintained of any enrollment transactions you submit through EACCC‘s web-based student portal.

— Your Obligations

If you do not wish for us to collect certain information about you, tell us. We will discuss with you any consequences this may have for your application, enrollment, academic progression or completion, or the provision of student services to you.

If you provide untrue, misleading or incomplete information to EACCC, this may have consequences for your application, enrollment, academic progression or completion, or for the provision of student services to you.

Use and Disclosure

— Use

Your personal information will be used by staff involved in the administration of your application, enrollment, academic progression, completion and in the provision of student services to you, and for directly related purposes in ways that you would reasonably expect.

— Graduates Info (Use and Control)

EACCC uses the contact information of graduates to keep them informed about Training activities and for fundraising. Graduates may update or amend their personal details by contacting EACCC. Graduates may elect to not receive communications from EACCC by contacting EACCC Training Department.

— Disclosure

Your information may be disclosed, without EACCC seeking your consent, in the following circumstances:

    • For admissions purposes, your information may be shared with other training institutions. Where you are engaged in cross-institutional study it is also necessary that your personal information be exchanged with the other institution(s) involved. Where you enroll in courses provided by an alliance institution, it is necessary that your personal information be exchanged with the provider institution.
    • We may be required to disclose some personal information to courts or tribunals, or to state or commonwealth government agencies to comply with other laws – for example, to report Tax File Numbers, provide statistics and for mandatory reporting to government departments. Your personal information may also be required as evidence in court if we are subpoenaed.
    • The organization may disclose personal information in exceptional circumstances if it is considered imperative for reasons of health and safety.
    • We may use your personal information to contact you regarding satisfaction surveys that help us to evaluate and improve our services.
      The names of graduates and their awards are published in the organization graduation booklet for each ceremony and may appear on the organization website.

We will seek your consent prior to the use or disclosure of your personal information for purposes other than those listed above.

Access to your Information

— Student record

You can obtain access to your student record by lodging a written request with the Student Center in your country. You will need to provide identification and you may be charged a fee if you request copies of your student record.

— Denial of access

Access to your personal information may be declined in special circumstances, such as where giving access would put you or another person at risk of harm.

— Your information on the portal

As a student, you are able to view and update much of your personal and enrollment data in the e-Learning portal. If you do not keep your information up to date, this may have consequences for you.

— Changing other information

Some changes to personal information – for example, a change of name – require documentary evidence. Requests for such changes must be submitted, together with the documentary evidence, to the Student Center in the organization headquarters.

— The wrong information

If you believe other personal information we hold about you is incorrect and an error has been made, please let the Student Center know.


Further information on privacy at EACCC is available at https://eaccc.co.ke/privacy, including the EACCC Privacy Management Plan.

If you have questions or a complaint about the privacy of your personal information, contact the EACCC Privacy Officer by email (privacy@eaccc.co.ke) or telephone: +254 (704) 540-919.

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