Corporate Strategy

EACCC helps clients improve performance through resource reallocation, integrated strategies and planning processes - that position them for success.

Business Transformation

EACCC provides business and IT professionals ready to assist your organization in building world-class business processes and modernize enterprise systems.

Organization Management

EACCC assists businesses with the challenges in today’s rapidly changing business environment to help free up internal resources to focus on more strategic projects.


Whether you need assistance with  monitoring and evaluation, logic modeling, project design, GIS mapping, community-based planning, East Africa Customer Care Centre has over 25 years of experience working with System Audit, Development of ICT department, Organization Change and Management, Strategy Formulation and Business Plan development, Business Process Optimization and Redesigning, Business Growth Strategy and Transformation, Corporate Strategy clients in some of the most remote regions in Africa to develop affordable packages of services.


Evidence based decision-making has become increasingly prominent on the national and international development agendas. An evidence based approach helps policy-makers and practitioners make well informed decisions by putting the best available evidence at the heart of policy and programme development and implementation. Organizations should use research to establish or confirm facts, reaffirm the results of previous work, solve new or existing­ problems and support or develop new theories.

East Africa Customer Care Centre carries out research to assist clients to:

    • keep up to date with the existing body of evidence and ensure its effective use in their programs;
    • generate new evidence to address global knowledge gaps and thematic areas challenges; and to
    • understand and determine needs, local perceptions and realities of programme contexts.

Program Design and Implementation

Cutting corners in program design and planning is a recipe for disaster. Majority of development programs fail due to flaws in their design and poor planning. Quality of project design affects the project performance. Quality project design takes into consideration all aspects of planning including project objectives, stakeholder engagement, benefits mapping, risk assessment, capacity of organizations to implement programs as well as the actual plan (schedule) itself.

Strong performance management systems enhances learning, promotes accountability and ensures effective use of resources in implementation. Yet most of these systems are weak and not aligned with the organizations objectives and program results.

East Africa Customer Care Centre provides state-of-the-art services to plan and design successful programs. Our approach is research based, taking into account local contexts and demands, as well as employing our technical expertise to achieve high quality programs. We design sustainability into programs, focusing on local ownership and private sector buy-in when appropriate.

Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluation provides a systematic and objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project. Evaluation helps to determine the relevance, level of achievement of project objectives, development effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability. Evaluation should contribute to organizational learning whilst reinforcing accountability and transparency.

East Africa Customer Care Centre provides effective services to assist our partners evaluate their programs in order to achieve their objectives. Our approach follows international standards requiring evaluations to be credible, independent and ethical. East Africa Customer Care Centre builds the capacity of our partners to evaluate their own projects in order to better achieve their objectives.

Impact Evaluations

Public programs are designed to reach certain goals and beneficiaries. Programs might appear potentially promising before implementation yet fail to generate expected impacts or benefits. There is obvious need for impact evaluation is to help policy makers decide whether programs are generating intended effects.

East Africa Customer Care Centre’s impact evaluation approach emphasize on methods which help us to under whether programs actually work, as well as the level and nature of impacts on intended beneficiaries.  We use mixed-methods approaches, building on the strength of both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and a wide range of innovative impact designs. We help to answer the question of causality and attribution of a program using both factual and counterfactual methodologies.

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