Staff Development

EACCC helps organizations reassess their skills needs and assess their staff against these needs, to draw up suitable training and development plans.

Organizational Performance

EACCC helps develop or review performance management by assessing performance, setting future goals, identifying career development needs and skills shortfalls.

Human Resource

EACCC assists in recruiting and developing professionals with the critical thinking skills, experience and best practices to fully engage SMEs and stakeholders.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management is important because employees (individuals who spend much time each day working and contributing to the success of an organization) are a valuable resource that can either make or break an organization. Thus, Human Capital Management is essential for acquiring and retaining high-performing employees.

The responsibility of human resource professionals is to create and implement ways for employees to be hired, oriented, trained, motivated, and engaged. Human Capital Management plays an essential role in helping the organization’s human resources department increase the overall productivity and happiness of employees. In turn, productive and happy employees work harder and care more about the success of the organization.

Internal talent development pipelines often cannot keep pace with the increasing needs for professionals. The resulting talent gap often results in deferring important projects, slower delivery schedules or compromised quality of the deliverables.

Additionally, the skills and competencies of business and IT professionals vary greatly ranging from order-takers that merely capture subject matter expert, stakeholder wishes and gripes, to professional analysts and technical professionals that fully engage SMEs. The difference is critical to successful outcomes.

East Africa Customer Care Centre have over 5 years of experience in recruiting and developing professionals with the critical thinking skills, experience and best practices to fully engage SMEs and stakeholders to rapidly comprehend, thoroughly analyze, clearly specify and rapidly execute complex requirements.

East Africa Customer Care Centre is uniquely qualified to leverage this experience and industry presence to bridge the talent gap to provide professional staffing services to support today’s agile, fast-paced, increasingly complex environment.

Recruitment and Capacity Building

As a consultancy which firmly believes in continuous improvement, one of East Africa Customer Care Centre’s key focus areas includes capacity development. With the dynamic nature of the environment in which businesses operate, there is a need to continuously enhance our skills so that they remain relevant.

East Africa Customer Care Center equips organizations with the relevant skills to achieve organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Our approach to capacity development is tailor-made to address the specific needs/challenges faced by different organizations.

In addition to our extensive network of proven talent, new candidates are carefully screened via our comprehensive interview and evaluation process. Successful candidates are thoroughly trained through East Africa Customer Care Centre’s approach and methods. Our rigorous recruiting and talent development processes ensure that the employees assigned to your projects are exceptional professionals (highly experienced, real-world, hands-on practitioners). We continually develop and enhance these competencies via our business and systems analysis training programmes and on-going mentoring.

Performance Management

East Africa Customer Care Centre helps organizations establish performance metrics, as well as educate management team and staff on the appropriate use of these metrics to support timely and constructive feedback, recognition and rewards programs.

East Africa Customer Care Centre’s business and systems analysts have access to our extensive repository of best practice techniques and methods, tools, industry templates and reference models developed and refined over years of experience. This enables our analysts to leverage this knowledge base to  rapidly add significant value to client’s projects.

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